McCreary & District's Former Schools
The province of Manitoba issued each school district a number in chronological order; the lower the number, the earlier
the school district was formed.
To form a district, there had to have been ten prospective students and no student should have been required to walk
more than two miles to get to school. That is why there were so many schools.
NO. 807: Montcalm, Camden, Norgate

Camden School                                                Norgate School, built in 1920
This district formed in 1894, and the school was built in 1895 on NE 34-20-15, with lumber hauled by team from Neepawa. Although the number 807 remained,
the school's name was changed to Camden, and operated along the Burrow's Trail, until 1920. The school was used as a temporary church and meeting hall
until it was sold and moved as a private residence. In 1920 a new school was built at the hamlet along the railway. The number remained, but the school was
renamed Norgate. When the school closed in 1966, the building was moved to Kelwood, first as a storage shed, and later a grainery.
NO. 836: Canadaville                                                                                                  

Canadaville School Students 1915

This district was formed in March of 1895. In 1921 this school was closed by consolidation with Rosamond. The building was sold and moved, but remains

NO. 1149: Glencairn

Glencairn School and its
"school bus", a horse drawn van.

The first one-room Glencairn school was built on NW 23-19-14 in 1907. On july 1, 1920, Glencairn became a consolidated school district. Immediately east of
the first school a new brick school, complete with laboratory, library, cloakrooms, and a full basement was built. The basement contained a furnace room, boys
and girls facilities, a girls playroom and a boys playroom. This school opened in 1921. The school closed in 1966, but remains standing on the original site.

NO. 1152: Mountain Eve

1923 Miss Girling and students outside original Mountain Eve School

Mountain Eve School District was formed February 3, 1899. The school was built on SW 27-20-15. By 1936 this location was no longer central, so the vacant
Marshall School, which was in much better condition, was moved to NW 22-20-15 and given the 1152 number. In 1949 Mountain Eve School was moved to SE
17-20-15, and closed in 1962.

NO. 1348: McCreary, Mountainside, Rosamond, McCreary

Rosamond School 1916                                                          Rosamond School 1917-1949

McCreary School 1952                                                               1961 Collegiate

The first school in McCreary was built in 1906 and named Rosamond. In 1917 a new, two-storey Rosamond school was built, containing four classrooms, an
assembly area, a small laboratory, and an attic access. The full sized basement contained a furnace and wood supply, chemical personal facilities and two play
areas. In 1921, 150 students were enrolled, and the school consolidated with Canadaville. In 1932, Rosamond was absorbed into the Municipal School District
of McCreary. In 1936, grade 12 was added to the curriculum. An elementary school opened in 1952 with electricity, running water, tiled floors and green
chalkboards. The secondary grades of McCreary School became part of the Turtle River School Division in 1959. For the 1961-62 term, a new 5 classroom
school was ready to accommodate the 155 high school students from Alonsa, McCreary and Silver Ridge. This school included a gym, laboratory, industrial
arts, home economics and business education facilities. In 1967 all schools at McCreary came under Turtle River School Division No. 32. In 1979 facilities to
include the elementary classes were constructed adjoining the 1959 collegiate, which is the school in operation today.

NO. 1354: Royal Oak

The original cement block school house at Royal Oak

This School Division was formed on August 11, 1905. The Royal Oak School was built on SW 18-21-16 in 1906. In 1959 the school consolidated with McCreary
and the building was sold.

NO. 1568: Turtle Plains

Turtle Plains School District was formed May 27, 1911. The school opened in 1911 on SW 6-20-14 and burned down in 1914. In 1915 it was rebuilt on NW
5-20-14. The school was closed in 1927 and reopened in 1928. On April 14, 1936, the School District of Turtle Plains was absorbed into the Municipal School
District of McCreary NO. 1348. The Turtle Plains School District was again formed in 1950, until 1964 when it became part of Turtle River School Division NO.
32. The land and buildings in the Turtle Plains School District were then sold.

NO. 1717: Budka

Budka School, early 40s
Budka school district was formed January 4th, 1914, and the school house was built on SE 34-19-13. School began operation in 1915. The school closed in
1955 and was moved to Amaranth.

NO. 1718: Canal

               Canal School 1949
This school district was formed in 1912. The first school was built of logs on donated land on SE 12-21-15. In 1918 the log school house was replaced by a
frame structure built nearby. The school closed in 1960 and was sold to the Anglican congregation for use as a parish hall, and is now restored as a museum
beside the old train station.

NO. 1739: Lake Mary

                                                                                           Lake Mary Classes of 1924

This school district was formed in 1914. The school was situated on SW 30-20-12 in the Westbourne Municipality. The school was destroyed by a prairie fire in
1926. Students were transported to Melonville School until a new school was opened in 1928. Lake Mary School is believed to have closed about 1935. After
several years of vacancy, this building also burned in a prairie fire.

NO. 1833: Armstrong

Armstrong School, 1954.

Initially the name proposed for this school district was Bobrow, but by the commencement of operation in 1916, the district was named Armstrong. The school
and three-room teacherage were located on SW 21-20-13. In June 1967, Armstrong School District was incorporated into the Turtle River School Division. The
school building and teacherage were sold.

NO. 1860: Bower

Bower School District became incorporated in February of 1917. A one-room school was built on NE 28-20-14. In the early 1930s the school was moved to a
more central SW 35-20-14. Due to an expanding enrollment in 1940, an additional classroom was built. On June 8, 1960, during school hours, Bower School
burned to the ground. That summer the vacant Champlain School was moved in. The school closed in June of 1964. The school was sold and renovated into a
private residence.

No. 1861: Glenhope

Glenhope School District was formed in March of 1917. The school and teacherage were built on SE 8-21-13 of that same year. In 1926, the school and
teacherage were moved 1 and 1/2 miles south along Highway 50. The school closed in 1940, and after a year of vacancy was moved to the newly formed
Reeve District.

NO. 1886: Woodbend

This school District was formed in 1917. The school was built in 1918 on SE 5-22-16 at the site where it was situated until its closure in 1961.

NO. 1926: Sunrise

Sunrise School 1922

The school, located on NE 29-21-14, and district were formed in 1918, and consolidated with McCreary in 1961.

NO. 2013: Marshall

  Marshall School, 1939

The school District of Marshall was formed in 1919. The school was built on NE 31-21-13, with classes beginning in 1920. The school closed in 1933 and stood
vacant until it was moved to become Mountain Eve School in 1936.

NO. 2099: Bracken

Braken School, 1935

Braken, named after the Provincial Premier, was the school district formed in 1922. A school built that year was situated on SE 33-21-15. After the district
consolidated with McCreary in 1965, the school was sold and renovated as a private residence.

NO. 2325: Reeve

                                                                                                                                  Reeve School class, 1960.

This last school district to be formed in the Municipality was established in early 1941. Classes began in September after the vacant Glenhope School was
purchased and placed on SE 24-20-15. In December of 1953, the school burned. The new school was ready in 1954. This school closed in 1962 following

Central School Cairn, located on Rosamond Road - listings of schools from the  McCreary area.

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