McCreary's Heritage Sites
1. Glencairn
Established on NE 23-19-14 to accommodate transients seeking employment on the Canadian Northern Railway under
construction in 1897. The earliest land sales were registered in 1901. Glencairn Post Office was established in 1898 and
closed in 1970. During its time Glencairn had 4 streets and 1 avenue and supported a number of stores, boarding house,
livery and feed stables, farm implement agency, meat market, shoe repair and pool room. In 1900 a large station, loading
platform and stockyards were built.  An elevator built in 1916 was destroyed by lightning in 1921 and replaced by one
which was dismantled in 1928. The first school of 1901 was replaced by a two room brick school complete with lab, library
and full basement. It closed in 1966 and remains intact as a private home. Today one finds the two schools and among
the prarie grass, evidence of the sidewalks and the black cinder pathway once leading between the station and stores.
2. St. Peter and St. Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church - Sunville
On NE 27-19-13, built in 1919 with Anthony Prychun of Tyndall, MB as carpenter, and a work crew of local volunteers.
Shortage of funds and depressed farm economy saw the interior wait until 1934 for completion.

The stucco exterior was applied by local mason Karl Stuhm in 1984. The church continues in use today. The cemetery
serving the parish, located on SE of same section, is reached via the sand trail immedietely east of the church grounds.
3. Holy Resurrection Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church - Sunville
Located on SE 34-19-13 across the road from #2. Built with logs hauled several miles to the site by hand in 1904. Total
labour costs: $25. Restoration began in 1980 and the cairn honouring pioneers was erected in 1985. Cemetery
headstones provide history of pioneer community origins.
The Ukrainian Greek Catholic
Church of St. Mary in Glenhope.
The interior of the
Church's dome.
4. Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church of St. Mary - Glenhope
Built in 1918 on SW 27-20-13 to serve over 40 families who each pledged $60 toward the building and all labour done
voluntarily under guidance of carpenter Anthony Prychun. Parish donations purchased the special canvas paintings and
pictures inside. The uncontrollable prairie fire of 1989 swept through the surrounding tall trees leaving the inner ring of
greenery and the church relatively unharmed.
The brick school at Glencairn
Sunville's Ukrainian Catholic Church
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